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Birthdate:Apr 14
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
I've been told I'm a good person, but I believe that those labels define what I do, not what I am. I'm just a person. My life is filled with magic(k?), love, excitement, visions, work, Work, friendships, partnerships, businesses (3 of them at last count), and much much more. I don't know when I sleep, honestly. And have I mentioned my lovely little girl? Well, I won't go into detail here, but she is the glue that holds me together. And my partner siriciryon (whose name I have almost certainly just mispelled) is a source of comfort, joy, pleasure and love to me.

Did you know I'm a widow? Yeah. That's life. Everyone dies. He just died sooner than I thought he would.

I'm poly. I was married to someone else when I started being involved with siriciryon, and I was involved with someone else outside of my marriage before that. Poly has made my life much much richer. And more complex. I'm also deeply involved with welshbard, a wonderful man who lives a plane ride away, but it's worth it. The long distance adds something to the relationship, though I'd rather we were closer geographically. There's no way we could be closer in any other way.

My practice of t'ai chi, which is quite new, is becoming paramount in my life. I have studied the tao for years, and I'm beginning to scratch the surface there. Underneath seems to lie endless peace, and that's what my soul craves.

Anyway, that's just a little bit of rambling about me right now. All of this changes and moves as time passes, but at core I am me, and I make no apologies or claims about what that means.

I present several excellent events each year. You can find them at my link above.
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